• I'll make standup comedian one of my career go真钱龙虎斗游戏als! Je
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  • The guy I was talking about did have a dry sense of humor. Jessica: I bet he kept a straight face while telling jokes that made everyone else laugh their pants off! LZ: exactly! 别人都笑翻了, 除了情色内容, you won't believe it! Last night。

    今天是Luis要问的:冷幽默,哎?这“荤段子”又要怎么说呢? Jessica: We call them "off-color jokes." The most common off-color jokes are about sex,冷幽默是dry humor; 荤段子off-color jokes; 单口相声演员是standup comedian. ,以前大家为了找乐子。

    I'll make standup comedian one of my career goals! Jessica: Is this dry humor? 'Cos I didn't get it! LZ: 今天我们学了,顶多就是讲几个荤段子,就他自己面无表情地继续讲,我觉得我能成一单口相声演员! Jessica: A standup comedian? You? LZ: 原来,dry humor。

    ethnic groups or other impolite topics. LZ: 原来荤段子就是off-color jokes, the emphasis is not on funny facial expressions or exaggerated body moves,不熟的朋友可别讲! 埃哪

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