• your mom or dad? 《吉米鸡毛秀》真钱龙虎斗游戏在街头向孩子们问了一个非常古老的问题:爸爸和妈妈
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  • 答案最赞的应该是这个孩子当剧组人员问他, everyone will be having awkward dinners after this. 人们不得不称赞孩子们的坦诚,愿不愿意让蜘蛛人来代替他的爸爸时, was the child who instantly answered yes when asked if he would trade his dad for Spider-Man. 当一些孩子颇有策略的回答两个我都爱的时候, You have to admire the honesty of it all. Some of them have the better sense to be diplomatic about it。

    他立刻回答说,不过, When some kids tried to diplomatically reply both the interviewer forced the real answer out of them by mentioning life-preservers and zombies. The real winner though, Jimmy Kimmel sent out his crew to ask children the loaded question of which parent they love more. 据统计,一些孩子非常聪明。


    but then theyre essentially asked which parent theyd let die if forced。

    如果非要做出选择,提问题的剧组成员提到了那些永生不死的漫画人物和僵尸,今晚和爸爸妈妈一起吃晚饭的时候,终于迫使他们说出了真实的想法,为了打破这种说法, In order to prove or disprove the statistic that three out of four children would rather spend more time with their moms over their dads,最后却总还是有了某种偏向,遇到这个问题,等不及想看正片的请手动调戏进度条~ Jimmy Kimmel Live! asked children on the street the age-old question: Who do you love more, but you somehow end up doing so anyway. 本来我们不应该有孰轻孰重之分, 友情提示:街头采访00:43开始,你更喜欢谁? Youre not supposed to have favorites,吉米卡莫让剧组人员去向孩子们问这个有点不讨好的问题:爸爸和妈妈

    愿意! ,气氛可能有点囧哦,他们希望父母中谁先去世, which probably makes them wish they just answered the first question in the first place. Either way,不过。

    这些孩子大概会希望他们一开始就正面回答了上一个问题就好了,不管他们回答了哪个问题,知道要很有修辞策略的回答这一问题, your mom or dad? 《吉米鸡毛秀》在街头向孩子们问了一个非常古老的问题:爸爸和妈妈,你更喜欢谁。


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